A CSAT therapist has extensive experience assessing and treating areas of clinical attention that are usually not addressed in other forms of counseling.  Even though there are many organizations that claim to offer specialized sex addiction training, Dr. Patrick Carnes is the founder of one of the most rigorous, recognized and respected sex addiction training programs.  A CSAT therapist is trained to effectively plan and implement protocols to treat all addictions with a special emphasis on sex addiction. Other areas of CSAT expertise include stabilizing the coupleship and/or the family during times of crises caused by the addict’s behavior; prepare the couple for the process of safe disclosure; assisting the couple in recovery to develop healthy sexuality and rebuild trust after the discovery of secret sexual behaviors and /or infidelity;  ; support the partner while he/she recovers from the betrayal and relational trauma; assist the children deal with the aftermath of discovery of a parent’s sex addiction or problematic sexual behavior.In order to become a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, a clinician has to complete attendance at multiple rigorous trainings provided by IITAP, the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals. This certification also requires completion of experience under the supervision of a senior CSAT clinician. Founded by addiction renowned expert Dr. Patrick Carnes, the CSAT program delivers one of the most highly regarded training program in the areas of addiction treatment.  Please visit www.sexhelp.com for additional information.