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The ability to talk, listen, resolve, manage and handle conflict is a necessity for the success of any long term relationship. Unfortunately for many couples, married and otherwise, these are hard tasks to handle alone. Luckily with the right couples counseling, there can be radical transformation. And we truly believe that.

For those who are married

We are prepared to help you and your partner manage any number of conflicts. These conflicts can include but are not limited to:

  • Problems of Differing Relationship Satisfaction
  • Intimacy Differences and Difficulties
  • Loss Of Intimacy All Together
  • Negative Communication Habits
  • Betrayal, Sex and Love addiction
  • Separation Issues
  • Conflict Resolution

For those who are not married

Dr. Elena Riedo specializes in different couples therapy modalities. We offer counseling for couples who need help navigating and managing their relationship, as well as couples who want to make sure they are ready for marriage. In fact, we encourage engaged couples to seek out our couples therapy as a preparedness assessment service, prior to their wedding date. Through this service we are able to assess and determine if your relationship is ready to take on the stresses of marriage and if it is not, we are able to coach you through techniques that will help you get there