Therapy For Depression

Depression is hard.

It’s hard to admit to having and it’s hard to live with.  We know that. But we also know that depression is controllable and treatable with the right therapeutic interventions.

Dr. Elena Riedo

Has extensive knowledge and practice in diagnosing the signs of depression, finding the best treatments and providing specialized therapies. Here are a few question you might ask yourself.

Do you:

  • Self-criticize your every decision?
  • Feel hopeless in your daily environment?
  • Feel alone, with no options for support?
  • Have suicidal thoughts?
  • Have difficulty concentrating?
  • Have an overwhelmingly negative outlook on life?
  • Isolate yourself ?
  • Notice changes in appetite and sleep patterns?
  • Go through emotional waves (from happy to sad, to angry, to sad…etc)?
  • Believe that life is punishing you?

We understand these are hard questions to answer on your own, but they are telltale signs of depression. Living with depression is an unpleasant and difficult thing to do, and unfortunately it can happen to anyone.  If you responded yes to any number of these questions, therapy for depression is something you should begin to seek out.