Depression and anxiety have a way of creating a mass amount of stress that eventually begins to seep into other areas of your life that otherwise may not have been affected. One of the major areas of the brain that can be altered when dealing with mental health issues is of course cognitive activity, most specifically your memory and ability to remain focused on tasks for extended periods of time.

Dr. Riedo is now partnering with Cogmed Working Memory Training in order to help her patients not only work on battling their depression and anxiety but by making a program available to them that will assist in increasing their abilities to remain engaged and responsive while performing tasks in their day to day lives.

Before getting started however, you may want to consider if Cogmed sounds as though it would be beneficial to you.


What is Cogmed?

Cogmed’s goal is to improve the participant’s working memory by training it. The program is evidence-based and relies on strong scientific research. When you join Cogmed you with be under the guidance of a Qualified Cognitive Coach, in this case, Dr. Riedo.

The all inclusive program will provide patients with an initial interview, start-up session, five weeks of training with weekly calls from your coach, a wrap-up meeting, access to the training material on Cogmed’s website and 12 months of Cogmed extension training.


Benefits of Cogmed:

Despite your age, your job or your unique needs, Cogmed’s Working Memory Training can benefit you and make a huge difference in the way you accomplish things on a daily basis.

For children, this training has been known to improve social skills, a child’s ability to take initiative, remember instructions and complete assignments more independently. Additionally, overall improvement in both reading and math have also been known to occur in most children who participate.

Regarding adult results, the training tends to exponentially improve their working memory allowing for increased focus and ability to ignore distraction, plan ahead, recall past instructions and processes, and begin and finish tasks with much more ease than before the training. Improving the overall stamina of a person’s attention span is the goal and it seems to be working!


If you are interested in learning more about Cogmed and improving the overall state of your memory and attention span please contact the offices of Dr. Elena Riedo today. This program could severely improve your life (far more than you ever imagined). Dr. Riedo cares about her patients and strives to make sure she is supplying them constantly with ways to increase their productivity and overall happiness.


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