Sex Addiction is sometimes blown off as not a real addiction, or someone just making an excuse for cheating or doing something that society in general, deems inappropriate. Over the more recent years however, there has been a significant increase in credibility to it being an actual disorder, affecting an estimated 12 million people. Dr. Elena Riedo offers trusted sex addiction therapy in Roanoke that has helped hundreds of people with their addiction. Today, we’re exploring the different types of sex addiction.

Sexual addictions take several different forms. Some people are addicted to the act of sex itself, while others are addicted to certain aspects of it. Others, still, have compulsions toward sexual things, such as porn.

Pornography Addiction
Many people use porn to spice up a relationship, but an addiction to porn may be difficult to diagnose. Some people turn to porn compulsively or obsessively. They may spend an inappropriate amount of time watching it or even watching it at inappropriate times/places, such as work or school.

Sex addicts who are exhibitionists are sexually turned on by “flashing” their genitals to people, usually in public. This makes this one of the more risky types, as far as getting caught and prosecuted. Voyeurism is a common type and the addicts’ victims usually do not know that they have been victimized.

Paid Sex
Paying for sex, or using prostitutes is common because the addict has an endless stream of willing sexual partners. This can also include paying for phone sex, or webcam sex.

Intrusive Sex
This involves touching someone in a sexual manner without their consent. An addict will (usually in a public place as to be able to easily escape) touch the genitals, breasts or buttocks of their victim. It can also include rubbing themselves against their victims.