Many people who do suffer from sex addiction are looking for ways to stop the addiction for reasons such as the problems that come with the addiction or because their loved ones are being adversely affected by the addiction. Just like a drug or alcohol addiction, excessive use or behavior that involves sex can also lead to addiction that needs to be controlled. As a CSAT therapist in Roanoke, we’re here to help you take the necessary steps to help stop your sex addiction depending on the severity of the addiction.

These steps can possibly help reduce your desire and stop your sex addiction:

  • Get support. Support is a very real and important part of recovery from sex addiction and shouldn’t be overlooked. You can find support through Dr. Elena Riedo, support groups, your family, friends, a spouse, or a mentor.
  • Avoid triggers. Learn how to avoid the situations or places that lead you to watch porn, look for prostitutes, or login to cybersex sites. By learning how to avoid these triggers that lead to such compulsive behavior, you can reduce your chances that you’ll make the wrong decisions.
  • Accept your problem. This is the first step to real recovery from any addiction: admitting you have an addiction. As soon as you admit your addiction, you can seek help for it.
  • Join an outside support group. You’re not the only one who is addicted to sex or who may have an obsession with pornography or cybersex. Thousands of others suffer similar compulsions and there are often community support groups that can help.
  • Seek help.  If you’ve tried to stop on your own, you’ve sought support and you still find yourself taking part in sexual behaviors that are unacceptable to yourself or to others, seek additional support from a professional like Dr. Elena Riedo.