Sexual addiction can cause many problems in your relationships. When you have a sex addiction that gets out of control, it can cause other people close to you a lot of pain. Many people have found the help they need to break free from the chains of sex addiction through sex addiction therapy here in Roanoke with Dr. Elena Riedo.

  • Sexual addiction can create many challenges in relationships
  • Coping with discovery and the experience of betrayal in a relationship
  • Impacts on marriage and intimacy

Sexual addiction is a progressive disorder that affects the individual suffering from the problem as well as the loved ones, partners or others involved with the individual in a number of ways. The impact of sexual addiction on relationships can cause serious negative consequences for the individual including breakups, distressed marriages, intense regrets and a number of other concerns.

Broken Relationships
Sex addicts often suffer from broken relationships or a distance that makes intimacy difficult at best. While the addict may be able to easily go out and take part in sexual relations with others, remaining close to the individual that he or she loves can be challenging.

Adultery & Betrayal
Unfortunately, for the sex addict, committing adultery or cheating on the spouse may become a way of life and although the addict may or may not want to stop, he or she finds that the actions tend to occur over and over again.

As if discovering that there is betrayal in a relationship isn’t enough to cause serious problems, disease such as STDs like HIV, AIDS, HPV, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted disease can wreak havoc on a relationship. Contracting an STD and then accidentally passing the disease on to someone you love is a serious, but completely possible, outcome of sexually addictive behavior.