Dr. Elena Riedo is a trusted Roanoke CSAT therapist uses collaborative effort combined with tested and proven methods based on research, rather than on the latest popularized psychological slogans, to support your journey in revealing your true and authentic self without the constraints of “should or shouldn’t be”. Getting treatment for sexual addiction can help you work through any underlying causes of your addiction so that you can overcome it and its symptoms.

As with any type of addiction, the ability to experience near immediate rewards drives sexual addiction practices. Dr. Riedo understands that since cultural norms have not only made sex more acceptable, but also more accessible, one can easily get lost inside the addiction cycle.

As a CSAT therapist, how can Dr. Riedo help you? Firstly, we set up treatment objectives. Sexual addiction treatment objectives work to break compulsive behavior cycles while helping addicts confront the underlying issues that drive these behaviors. This is offered in a structured and controlled environment where you can distance yourself from the triggers that drive your addiction. Ultimately, a sexual addiction becomes a way of coping with life stressors and escaping uncomfortable emotional issues. Through talk therapy treatment, we’ll work through underlying issues while confronting the shame, guilt and depression that result from a sexual addiction lifestyle.

We’ll also help you work through denial and confront it. Confronting feelings of denial regarding the negative effects of sexual addiction in one’s life becomes an essential first step towards recovery.

Free yourself from the chains of addiction. Call Dr. Elena Riedo today!